Excellent Quality Management System

We implement an effective quality management system certified with ISO 9001:2008 and FSC® Chain of Custody, conforming to the industry’s quality and environmental standards. One practice that is central to this system consists of a thorough and detailed review of all documents to avoid actually printing any copy that contains errors.

Advanced Equipment Handled by Professionals

There is more to printing than simply reproducing text on a piece of paper. The same characters and images can turn out completely different depending on what equipment you use, and who handles the printing. Our high quality prints-the result of advanced printing equipment and expert skills-help you to accomplish your intended goals.

Vast Network of Expert Printers

We have established an extensive network of providers specializing in each particular field of printing. It is because we acknowledge that satisfying every subtle detail of our customers’ needs cannot be achieved by the equipment of a single company, no matter how large it is.

Data Management for Product Consistency

We manage the data related to each order. This enables us to maintain consistently high product quality, and helps us to achieve the ideal that best suits each client’s needs.

We Are at Your Service

We operate multiple channels to facilitate customer contact, including telephone, website, email, and fax. Feel free to place your order with us via any means of communication!

Small Quantity Digital Printing

  • Publication: Individual titles, anthologies, out-of-print works, etc.
  • Business: Booklets, brochures, handbooks, reports, etc.
  • Personal printing: Posters, journal papers, portfolios, catalogs, etc.
  • Variable data: Wedding invitations, awards, coupons, notebooks, wrapping paper, shopping bags, etc.


Mass/Automatic Offset Printing

    • General commercial prints such as catalogs, brochures, posters, shopping bags, wrapping paper, packages, individual titles, periodicals, magazines, calendars, handbooks, business cards, envelopes, and coupons



    • Binding: Ring, wire, glue, binder
    • Coating: Matte and glossy (single and double-sided options available)
    • Other: Folding, hard cover binding, gold foil printing, rounded corners, die cutting, epoxy, etc.




DocuColor 1450 GA

      • Superb quality color printing of 2400 dpi
      • Supports paper size up to 330 x 488 mm
      • Supports booklet making with saddle stitching and bi-fold
      • Overprint and trapping reproduced
      • Supports convenient split print
      • Supports checking/correction before printing
      • Supports color scans in A5 and A4 (600 dpi)

DocuColor 5065
(Digital Color Printer)

  • High speed of 65 ppm for monochrome and 50 ppm for color (single-sided A4)
  • High resolution color printing of 1200 dpi
  • Compatible with a wide array of media
  • Supports matte and glossy surfaces
  • Supports numbering before printing
  • Supports blank page printing
  • Supports saddle stitching and color scans in A5 and A4

OCE 2110
(Black and White Digital Printer): Five sets

  • Print speed of 110 ppm at 1200 dpi
  • Compatible with a wide array of media
  • Supports non-reflective and non-glossy surfaces
  • Supports numbering before printing
  • Supports blank page printing
  • Supports booklet binding

Xerox Nuvera 314 EA Production System(High Speed Black and White Digital Printer)

  • Print speed of 314 ppm (double-sided A4) – Fast enough to print one book per minute
  • Supports high resolution, black and white printing of 4800 x 600 dpi
  • Compatible with a wide array of media
  • Supports booklet binding, glued binding, saddle stitching, and spiral binding


Mitsubishi (Offset Color)

  • supports five colors

Heidelberg (Single Color)

  • 10,000 copies per hour

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